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Indigo Dyed Do Himo

by Tozando

Original price $14.50 - Original price $53.75
Original price
$14.50 - $53.75
Current price $14.50

Our do himo come in five grades - Standard, Ume, Take ,Matsu and Ten. These standard himo are made from 100% cotton and provide strong and durable laces for your bogu. The higher grades use genuine aizome dye and increase in thickness and durability. The Ten grade are made from pure silk and use the finest aizome dye from the Bushu region of Japan.


*The lengths of himo are approximate. Please note that himo will stretch and become longer with use.

                                             Top Himo             Bottom Himo

Standard (short):                       98cm                        62cm

Standard (long):                       110cm                        70cm

Ume:                                         98cm                         60cm 

Take:                                          98cm                         60cm

Matsu:                                       98cm                         60cm

Ten-Bushu Aizome                  94~99cm                  60~65cm