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Edo Zashi Cotton Kendo Gi

by Tozando

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$81.65 - $147.71
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Traditional Edo Zashi style stitched pattern.

 This beautiful and uniquely stitched dogi is attractive, light,  and comfortable to wear. Named for the Edo period in Japan, a time in which style and art began to bloom into the many distinctly Japanese styles that are still a major part of Japanese textiles made today, this dogi adds a touch of individuality while remaining very traditional. Available in both navy and white, the Edo Zashi is a beautiful dogi that is a pleasure to wear and admire.

*When out of stock, it may take approximately 1 month to ship this item.

Color: White

Customer Reviews

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Gavin Rogers
Superb classical training gi

Really enjoy the way this product looks, fits and feels when training. The classical stitching is really nice and I’m sure this will be one of my favourite gi’s for many years.