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Basic Synthetic Kendo Uniform Set

by Tozando

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Great cost-perfomance

This is a simple kendo uniform set with a dark navy polyester dogi and dark navy tetron hakama. Polyester and tetron are both synthetic fibers that are very practical materials for Kendo gi and hakama. They are lightweight, incredibly durable and easy to wash and maintain. Whilst not as soft or as comfortable as cotton, they do not bleed their color like aizome indigo cotton - this makes maintenance much more straightforward as they can be machine-washed cold on a gentle cycle and in a washing bag.

The dogi is stitched in the sashiko fashion, so although it is made from synthetic material it retains the character and appearance of kendo equipment. The hakama have stitching on the inside pleats to help you maintain a refined chakuso and make it easy to fold.

This is a great set of hakama for anyone starting kendo, or established practitioners looking for a set that requires easy care and maintenance.


Color: Dark Navy