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A-1 Alpha MK.II - ISG Edition - 6mm Orizashi Bogu Set

by Tozando

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ISG Edition

Our beloved A-1 Alpha Mk.II is now available in ISG Edition.  This means that it comes with our three ISG accessories free of charge so you can practice kendo safely and comfortably.

The ISG Face Shield, ISG Men Mask (Double layer) and ISG Safety Guard are all included free of charge and as standard for all A-1α Mk.II Bogu Sets.  This allows you to use any combination of these accessories in response to your own personal keiko situation.

The Face Shield and Men Mask, both help you and your fellow kendoka practice with increased safety during the pandemic and help conform to ZNKR guidelines.  We felt it was important to include these for free so we can promote kendo as much as possible.  Meanwhile, the Safety Guard allows you increase protection to your throat so you can practice against tsuki waza with more confidence and guard against unfortunate accidents.

A-1α Mk.II - the Next Generation of Excellence

The latest edition of our classic A1 Alpha Bogu - easy to wear and offering unbeatable vision through our signature HV Mengane. The diagonal cut of the mendare has been reduced to a 1cm taper that allows for a great range of motion. The kote have had their futon length increased to protect more of your forearm and feature the yoroigata style to make gripping a shinai easy and comfortable. The do has a kazari ito unique to this bogu, available nowhere else. Finally, the tare has also been stitched diagonally to maximize movement without compromising protection. This bogu comes with our ISG throat protector as standard as well as all the accessories you need to wear the bogu in keiko.

The A-1 Alpha Bioclean Mk.II - 6mm Kote tend to run a bit small. For this reason, we recommend choosing one size up from what the size chart shows for the best experience.

*Do-dai color Kuro Emboss is available only in size S-X.