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Shobu Pattern Cotton Shinai Bag

by Tozando

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Traditional Shinai Bag

*Bag embroidery is only available for "Size: For 2 Shinai (with a window for the tag embroidery)"

This simple, traditional-style shinai bag is made of cotton with a reinforced base made of synthetic leather. It comes in two sizes, one for a single shinai and another accommodating two. The top of the bag folds over the shinai to make a secondary pocket where you can store the tsuba and tsubadome.

Shobo Iris Pattern

The bag itself is decorated with the distinctive shobu - iris - pattern up and down its length. The iris has been associated with strength and vitality since the Sengoku Jidai and has been enduringly popular amongst bushi and budoka ever since.

For 1 or 2 shinai

Size for 1 Shinai: 137cm x 8 cm

Size for 2 Shinai: 146cm x 11 cm

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Ismael De la Cruz Rodriguez
Nice Product

Just like the picture, great quality.