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Tozando ISG Face Shield EX

by Tozando

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Now redeisgned to fit a wider variety of mengane sizes! Our ISG Face Shield - a clear shield that you can insert into the men of your bogu that will cover both your mouth and your eyes, severely restricting the transmission of particles without hampering your ability to breathe.

Easily insertable into your me"ISG Face Shield provides a full facecovering that restricts the most likely routes of entry for foreign particles into your men, but primarily prevents the widespread explusion of particles from vigorous kiai.

It's tried and tested design allows you to continue keiko whilst protecting your training partners, used en masse it is an effective method of reducing transmission risk in interpersonal keiko.

The EX re-design also features an improved anti-fog coating that eliminates any clouding and condensation, allowing you to continue training with minimal distraction and lasts logner and is mroe resistant to cleaning detergents.  

Check out these demonstrations displaying the anti-fog treatment and kiai testing.