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Tailored Iaido Gi

Original price $220.00 - Original price $220.00
Original price
$220.00 - $220.00
Current price $220.00

※Due to a high demand, production time can take 5-6 weeks at the moment.

Hand-Made in Kyoto

Our tailoring and personalized budo uniforms are renowned thanks to the extensive research and experience of our master craftsmen.

Tozando is not only selling Budo equipment but also one of the largest manufacturers of Budo Equipment in Japan. As such it employs many highly experienced craftsmen and tailors, who are proud to offer this unique product to our customers.

Each Gi is carefully sewn and made according to your specifications at Tozando Nishijin workshop and at the Tozando Iwate Factory, with the highest quality, made-in-Japan materials.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Martin-Beades
excellent quality, but

had to have the tailored gi due to my size, bit large to say the least :) Wish i knew it came without the hakima as would have ordered one at the same time. Overall top quality jacket, beautifully tailored and the Akibono material is wonderful. There was a concern from the measurements I sent but once the tailor noticed in Japan, obviously they noticed the numbers wouldnt be correct, so contacted me to double check what I sent and lo and behold, I was wrong, so extra points to Tozndo for customer services. Will be using these guys again, juban and hakima next