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Waraku - Cotton Iaido Gi

by Tozando

Original price $143.12 - Original price $179.72
Original price
$143.12 - $179.72
Current price $143.12

The lightweight fabric doesn't stick your skin, nor restrict your movements. It absorbs your sweat and evaporates it into the air much quicker than conventional dogi.

Made from pure cotton, this is an excellent alternative to artificial fabrics that make up the majority of iaido Gi fabric.



Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alessandro Antonini
Perfect for Hot Weather

Awesome Gi! Specially for Hot Weather I loved it

Christopher W
Best Gi Ever

This is the second Waraku - Cotton Iaido Gi I've purchased (the other is in black). Fits perfectly, looks very sharp, and is super comfortable. You can't go wrong with this Gi, particularly if you want to look good while practicing your katas! Highly, highly recommended!

Michael L
Very high quality and comfortable gi!

I purchased this gi instead of the synthetic fabric ones because I like wearing cotton shirts in my daily life, and my kendo gi was also made of cotton. I was very surprised at how light the gi was and how it felt like having a soft blanket over my shoulders. With the flexibility of the fabric the gi easily falls flat on your sides with no creases or folds, making one look very nice indeed. It also has a back seam denoting high quality.

I would recommend this gi compared to the others. If Tozando would make a gold mark version I would purchase it.

Matthew S
Wow. Nice!

I ordered this in white. It is really nicely made and not too heavy. The only surprise is how much longer it is compared to my kendo gi. This one goes down to my knees!