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JK-1 Hayate Karate Uniform

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Made for Kata

The JK-1 is specifically made for Kata and is incredibly comfortable to wear, making it your best ally on the mat.

The sleeves of the JK-1 do not restrict your punches and the slits on the side of the jacket are longer than most other dogi which makes for a powerful silhouette.

The pants have been made with full freedom of motion in mind, especially with a focus on the shikodachi stance. This also means that the hem of the pants does not creep up even when doing high kicks.

High-waist as standard

The special Hayate high-waist is designed to make your Kata look well-defined, which is why we have added it as a standard to the JK-1. The pants have been finished with a sewing technique that reduces stiffness while allowing for an easy fit to your body, 


  • 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  • Eight-stitch hems on sleeves and pants
  • Bleached fabric with a bluish tint makes a strong presence on the tatami
  • Kata-only model (Relax fit & Slim fit cuts not available)