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Seiryu - Tombo Koshirae Iaito

by Tozando

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This Tombo Koshirae features silver-plated brass fuchi and kashira, an iron-made tsuba and silver-plated brass menuki with dragonflies which was symbols as victory bringers among Samurai warriors. Saya lacquer is available in kuroro, kuroishime and chaishime.

A sand-casted, bubble-free zinc/aluminum alloy blade available up to 2.70 shaku. The tsuka is carefully hand-wrapped with the cotton braid over white tsukasame and the sageo matches with the tsuka color. For those who prefer a kojiri attachment , the Tombo Koshirae also offers additional options for the saya.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Customer Reviews

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Tom Jones
Superior craftmanship all around, Tozando has earned a fan!

I am very impressed with this iato, having purchased a couple of "iato-like" swords from other overseas forges. The build quality is excellent in every detail, from the unblemished blade to the finely detailed fuchi and kashira, even the fit of the habaki is perfect. With the habahiro blade, it is very well balanced, and the fit of the saya is firm but very easy to unseat, particularly for the throw draw techniques taught in my ryu. While I did purchase "knockoff" blades to save money before I decided my ryu was right for me, I found that doing so has made me much more appreciative of true Japanese craftmanship. Even now I eagerly await the Full Custom Iato I ordered just today!