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Kanmuri Bogu Backpack

by Kanmuri

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The renowned Kanmuri brand's Bogu Backpack - able to be carried comfortably across your back allowing for ease of movement whether walking, cycling, or on public transport.

The backpack features a large main compartment with a divider that can easily fit an adult-sized Bogu, the main compartment also has two sets of straps that can be used to fasten your Bogu in place so that it doesn't move around needlessly inside the Bag. There is also space for a set of dogi and hakama and some smaller accessories in the sub-compartments.

Thanks to the slim profile of the bag, it's easy to carry with you and can fit into smaller spaces than regular bogu bags - this especially useful on public transport like trains and buses. Made of durable and water-resistant techno leather it has a beautiful appearance and is a good option for those kendoka who cycle to keiko.

It comes in three different color profiles: Black/Black Trim, Black/Gold Trim, and White/Black.

Approximate Dimensions: 65cm x 30cm x 35cm

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Yamasaki
Terrible Bogu Bag

This bag was the worst purchase I've made in my 51 years of kendo. The quality of the bag is good but it seems as though it is for children's bogu. My bogu only fits the bag vertically and I struggle just getting it closed. Because of this my keiko-gi and hakama doesn't fit in the bag either.


The material is very sturdy and cool looking. My favorite thing is it looks big, but it is still compact. Perfect for biking or walking. Thank you so much, Tozando!



Perfect Bogu Backpack

I was super sceptical towards the back because of the two other reviews.. but I also found a really positive review on YT so I contacted that person and decided to order the backpack since I really don’t like all the other huuuuge and wide bags.

FYI: my Bogu is 16.5in / 42cm x 15in / 38cm on the largest points. I guess it’s a Large/Regular size!

You really have to pack the backpack as shown on the pictures. I first put the men on it’s side in the bag, put my Kote into it and then the Dō over it so it covers the Men with the Kotes. Lengthways. I guess smaller Dō would also fit the other way. There is still enough space for putting the Kendogi on the top.
The Hakama fits nicely on the bottom pocket.

Tenugui, Arm Protection and personal stuff find it’s place in the upper outer pocket and some first aid stuff in the bottom outer pocket!

The total weight is still comfortable to carry around!

Great idea, poor craftsmanship

Echoing Marko, the bag is very narrow so if you have a wide bogu, it takes some maneuvering to get the bogu to fit.

Not all the material feels like it is quality. I am always afraid I cam going to burst the zipper due to the width of my bogu. The adjustment straps also feel cheap. Definitely not quality nylon material.

In addition, mine came with an imperfection on the bottom pocket where it was not sewn properly and has a hole.

Overall, I really want to like this bag, especially for what I paid for it, but these issues just left me disappointed.