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Classic Aizome Kendo Gi

by Tozando

Original price $100.30 - Original price $147.60
Original price
$100.30 - $147.60
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Classic & Confortable

Tozando's classic kendo keiko gi. Made using comfortable cotton, woven traditionally in a sashiko weave, then dyed using aizome indigo. This comes in a single-layer keiko gi and a double-layer that is medium-weight, suitable for all year round training. The inner-layer on the double-layered gi is woven from a softer blue cotton, providing a comfortable lining. The aizome dye will fade. 

The following size is out of stock and will be in stock again around the end of July. Size : Single-layer 2L

Customer Reviews

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Michael L
I've had this gi for 21 years, and I love it still.

I bought this gi a year after I started kendo at a dojo. It was an upgrade from the one I bought from e-Bogu, and I meant to upgrade to tozando gold mark version but never did. The benefits of this gi are manyfold. First, it keeps its colors extremely well. Second, it is unbelievably soft and flexible as well as being smooth to the touch. Third, it does not crease or wrinkle, Fourth, it dries out quickly despite how heavy it is. Fifth, it is very very durable. I have been hit countless times and it keeps up better than my tozando gold judo gi! That's absolutely astounding.

If people are shopping for gis for kendo, absolutely get this one first. It lasts a very long time and is of the utmost quality for a low price!