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ISG Bishamon (Shugo) - 8mm Orizashi Men

by Tozando

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Our ISG 8mm Orizashi Men is designed for tough keiko where your partners hit hard and use a variety of techniques. This is a practical and straightforward men focused around protecting you.

It achieves this with it's thick futon that has been stitched with broad 8mm intervals allowing it to provide plenty of padding. In addition to this the ago has been specially reinforced to provide a strong area in which to receive tsuki-waza. This further reduces the opportunities for the shinai to slip from your ago and pass towards your neck.

 The ISG Shugo Men now includes an ISG Face Shield and ISG Men Mask. This makes the ISG Shugo an all around regular keiko men that can be depended on for protection of every kind!

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Customer Reviews

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Straightforward men

Last year, I was looking for an unexpensive yet protective men for my kohai who just started bogu-keiko. Found this one with the Mitsuboshi tag on sale and was not dissappointed at all. A straightforward men that do its job very well. I wish the mendare were longer (kotengata style) to fit better with our gekiken practice.