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Ryo - Lightweight Cotton Aikido Uniform Set

by Tozando

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*The following size is currently out of stock at the moment and will be in stock again September. Size : Jacket 5 & 6

100% cotton & Lightweight

The Ryo is made from 100% cotton, but rather than a standard sashiko weave it features a unique pattern that allows the thin fabric to retain strength alongside improving the breathability and lightness.

This uniform is recommended for aikidoka who prefer the feel of natural cotton, but also practice in either hot climates or intense conditions. This is also the perfect choice for summer training as it dries incredibly quickly. This dogi is made in Japan and features an aikido specific cut.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anthony S.

I love that it is lightweight, and it fits me just right.
Incredibly good during hot seasons or just everyday Keiko.
I've bought two so I'm currently using it exclusively during my regular training.
Hands down a good option. I'll definitely try others for a colder season.

Scott Zrubek
My go-to gi

Since I first found this gi at Tozando, this is the only gi I've purchased. It is perfect for humid Houston weather. It soaks up the sweat generated in the usual weekday class as well as that generated in a weekend seminar.

The fabric is soft, comfortable, and ideal for ukemi. And it lasts. I'm on only my third set in the past 12 years or so. The older gis are still in service, if starting to look a little worn.

Tozando even has the sizes, not listed on the order page, to accommodate an aikidoka who is 6'5".