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Kijinmaru Kunishige

by Tozando
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Kunishige often signed "Settsu no Ju Ikeda Kijinmaru Kunishige (a knife of Ogre, made by Kunishige in Ikeda, Settsu prefecture)" on his Katana not only because it could cut so well but because he considered this piece as the ultimate Katana sword that only mythical being like ogre could use. The Ogre's knife is Wazamono(the masterpiece) in Shinto era and it is well known that Saito Hajime, the captain of the third unit of the Shinsengumi, was very much fond of using the Kijinmaru Kunishige. This Ogre's Knife Koshirae reproduces the Kunishige's dynamic O-Midare Hamon on the grooved blade made of sand-casted, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy. The Tsukagashira features a furious Oni(ogre)'s face and his favorite weapon, an axe is featured on the Fuchigane collar. Tsuba is the reproduction of legendary Toryusai Seiji's Tsuba with theme of Fujin/Raijin(a god of wind and a god of thunder). The Menuki features the Onigawara, a talismanic roof ornamentation with statues depicting the Oni. Saya is black gloss finish(Kuroro). Also check the deluxe version of this Ogre's Knife.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.