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Active AB Face Mask

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Made for competition

The AB Facemask is made specifically with Karate competition in mind. It is ideal for Kumite competitions as it does not shift in place even during vigorous movements. 

The special Active AB shield does not allow droplets to pass through the membrane yet air can pass through completely unhindered.

The soft EV cover fits nicely on your face, and extra padding is added on the ridge of the nose and chin to make it comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time.

JKA Approved

The semi-hard shell of the shield is soft enough to fit comfortably on your face, while still having enough integrity to also function as a light layer of protection against blows.

If you want to focus completely on your competition, feel safe using the AB Shield. It is developed in the hope Karate and other forms of competition will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Materials included

The AB Face Mask


*Please be aware that due to the nature of masks we are unable to accept returns/exchanges on any product that has been opened or tried on.

・Original Amabie case for face mask, with drawstring

30 ml bottle disinfection spray

6 spare cylindrical membranes