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Chinese New Year Suzaku Giveaway

Back by popular demand! We will again be celebrating New Years with a beautiful Suzaku Iaito giveaway! This time, in fitting style, this Suzaku is a vibrant red! Don't miss your chance to receive this one of a kind iaito!


Which orders are qualified? 

Any order placed regardless of order amount. 

How long is this campaign last?

From February 19th to March 5th, 2021 (6pm JST).

How is the winner selected? 

The winner will be selected randomly through lottery in the days following the sales end. Once the winner is decided we will email the customer with the winning order. 

 *Iaito plus shipping will be covered by Tozando Int. However, please be aware that import taxes to your country may apply. If the winning party does not wish to cover these fees, they may of course refuse the iaito, to which a second winner will be contacted.

We leave you with its description and images, enjoy!




  • Blade Length: 2.35 Shaku - approx. 71.2cm
  • Hamon: Kyorenpo
  • Habaki: Brass 
  • Tsuba: Karakusa - Dried reeds
  • Fuchi and Kashira: Muradori - Birds
  • Menuki: Taka Hane - Hawk feathers
  • Tsuka Length: 8 Sun - approx. 24.2cm
  • Same: Shiro - White
  • Tsuka Ito: Silk Crimson
  • Tsuka Maki: Katate Maki
  • Saya Lacquer: Akabeni Red Gloss
  • Sageo: Silk Crimson