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Grip-Master Standard Furnished Shinai

by Tozando
Original price $59.30 - Original price $67.53
Original price
$59.30 - $67.53
Current price $59.30

The Grip-Master fully furnished shinai was made to resemble the feeling of swinging a Japanese sword in mind. This allows for a better understanding of hasuji and tenouchi and also helps give feedback on grip position by naturally placing your hands in the correct position.

Two alternate sides - one near the grip on the left and one near the tsuba on the right - have been gently shaved down to provide an asymetric grip that mirrors the feel of a shinken or katana.

This shinai comes fully furnished and is made from fresh keiichiku bamboo - a strong and sturdy shinai that is great for regular practice and has a nice standard balance for developing strong kihon.