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Shudo Deluxe - High Protection Tornado-stitch Naginata Kote

by Tozando

Original price $187.61 - Original price $259.17
Original price
$187.61 - $259.17
Current price $187.61

Tozando's exclusive Tornado Stitch® futon for Naginata Kote

aramount protection for this exclusively designed Naginata Kote made in Japan.

Made to order following your measurements, you'll be sure to have a Kote that perfectly fits. Produced in our own factory where our experienced craftspeople will deliver a hard-to-match quality and finish.

The Tozando's exclusive Tornado Stitch®, which is a great success in our KendŁEE line, is now available for Naginata practitioners.
Alternating narrow and wide stitching, it creates our best available cushioning. Moreover, the diagonal stitching method makes the cushioning perpendicular to the blade, for a maximum absorption.