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Seiryu - Kago Koshirae Iaito

by Tozando
Original price $660.50 - Original price $660.50
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$660.50 - $660.50
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This Kago Koshirae features silver-plated brass Fuchi/Kashira with baskets theme and an iron-made, bamboo leaves tsuba which matches with the Fuchi/Kashira theme. Tigers in bamboo bushes are featured as silver-plated brass menuki. Saya lacquer is available in kuroro, kuroishime and chaishime. A sand-casted, a bubble-free zinc/aluminum alloy blade available up to 2.70 shaku. Tsuka is carefully hand-wrapped with cotton braids over white tsukasame and the sageo matches the tsuka color. For those who prefer a kojiri attachment, This Kago Koshirae also offers kojiri options for the saya.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.