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Date Masamune's Kunikane Koshirae

by Tozando

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Date Masamune(September 5, 1567 - June 27, 1636) was a Japanese samurai of the Azuchi-Momoyama period through early Edo period. Heir to a long line of powerful daimyo in the Tohoku region, he went on to found the modern-day city of Sendai. An outstanding tactician, he was made all the more iconic for his missing eye. A case of smallpox attacked his eye and would have killed him had he not gouged out his own eye. For this, Masamune was often called dokuganryu, or the "one-eyed dragon". Texts cited from Wikipedia Sendai Kunikane blade is considered Saijo Owazamono Shinto, the best of bests Shinto swords and Sendai warlord Date Masamune ordered him to go to Edo capital to be the follower of Ecchu no Kami Masatoshi. Often Date Masamune carried the Kunikane sword when he had to go to wars not only as his best partner but as the fortune bringer. The fitting ornaments of this Kunikane Koshirae feature a classic Ishime(rift-like) Higo Fuchi/Kashira that is made of silver-plated brass, fans of rising sun theme on Menuki, bamboo leaves and fans on iron Tsuba. Genuine black leather Tsuka cord is wrapped over the blackened Tsukasame and Saya is lacquered Kuroro(black gloss finish). Cotton black Sageo is also included. A sand-cased, extra-reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade provides the superb balance for the dynamic air-slashing move. Each parts are uncompromisingly hand-assembled by the Japanese sword craftsman, who is expert in making the genuine Japanese sword, Shinken. The blade is available up to 2.45 shaku. Weight without Saya is approximately 790 gram(for 2.45 shaku). Proudly made in Japan.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Anderson Oliveira
Wonderful Iaido !!!

A few weeks ago I received iaido Date Masamune's Kunikane Koshirae. It was a good choice. Very well made, beautiful, first class finish. I have already started training and I observe that she is well balanced. Excellent sword. I am very pleased to have chosen this model with Tozando. I recommend.

Matthew Maibes
Superb craftsmanship

Six weeks from order to blade in hand. Amazing!
Two days from Kyoto to midwestern U.S. Astonishing!
Blade geometry and finish is superb!
All fitting are beautifully crafted and tight. Ito wrap Very tight.
Excellent balance very light in hand.
Absolutely LOVE this blade! The new centerpiece of my collection.
Tozando, you are nothing short of Amazing!