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Furyu - Uchimizu Iaido Haori

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For some practitioners, the classical elegance of the haori elevates the iaido uniform, but its warmth precludes it from being used during summer keiko. The Furyu Dogi and Hakama lend their unique uchimizu fabric to this haori design - creating an elegant overcoat that can be worn during summer.

Haori were originally overcoats used by the samurai to keep warm on the battlefield. As yoroi fell out of use the haori transformed into an elegant garment worn by all manner of people as a refined addition to the kimono.

Each haori is handmade at our headquarters in Nishijin, Kyoto by our experienced Heian Tailors.

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Mark Wu
Good Quality

Good addition to budogi!

Emil Lebar
The Best Service I have Ever Received Before!

Stefania I had ordered this haori for 3 reasons. The first was for iaido practice, the second was that it would be part of my wedding outfit as a groom, and thirdly, because I wanted to go with a true and authentic Japanese tailor! I needed this haori to arrive quickly before my actual wedding ceremony and Stefania of Tozando international customer service, was incredible at helping me. She was extremely kind and helpful in assisting me with receiving my order. I was absolutely touched by her kind help. I was even wished a congratulations on my future marriage by the workshop at Tozando and that actually did mean a lot and it felt very sincere. The haori itself is impeccable! It is extremely lightweight and breathable but also feels extremely durable. The Himo that had come with it was a beautiful white silk. I was highly impressed and can easily say it's exactly what I expected. I will absolutely continue to shop with Tozando. The whole team clearly cares very much about their customers and business. Thank you Tozando! And Thank you Stefania!