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Tsubasa - Stretch Aikido Hakama

by Tozando

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Utilizing "Primeflex" tetron fabric, the Tsubasa Hakama are designed to follow your body movements without getting deformed or overstretched. Despite possessing the appropriate thickness for proper Aikido Hakama, the fabric feels incredibly light and comfortable thanks to its unique properties. The fabric itself stretches slightly so it can endure long periods of keiko without deforming or degrading. It is also very breathable and can wick moisture from your skin, keeping you cool and unhindered during summer training. Thanks to the combination of properties above, the Tsubasa are not only comfortable to wear, but also extremely easy to maintain thanks to a lack of wrinkles. Like all our hakama tailored in Japan, these feature all of our Aikido specific enhancements like a raised front hem, 7 lines of stitching on the obi and a soft koshi-ita for ukemi.

The obi of this hakama has also had the addition of an inner core to give an ever better tie and hold for yet better performance during keiko.

Color: Black