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Mitsuboshi Memory Pleats Deluxe Tetron Aikido Hakama

Original price $114.40 - Original price $128.17
Original price
$114.40 - $128.17
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These hakama are specifically designed to require the minimum amount of maintenance and upkeep. The pleats are pre-shaped already in the fabric stage, using Mitsuboshi's own "Memory Pleats" method, enabling the pleats on the hakama to stay nice and tidy even without stitching on the inside. No ironing is needed to maintain these hakama and since it's made of Tetron (a polyester/rayon blend), you can simply put it into the washing machine, wash it and let it dry in the shade and you will be ready to return to keiko.

These are also specifically designed for Aikido practice and come with a flexible koshi-ita made for ukemi and 7 lines of stitching on the obi for extra durability.

Color: Black