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Vixia Traditional - Polyester Dogi

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Traditional Look - Modern Convenience!

The Vixia Traditional is a Sashiko Style Synthetic Dogi.  This brings you the best of both worlds! A traditional look that is also easy to care for, very cost-effective, light, and easy to wear! Both the feel and appearance are nearly indistinguishable from a heavier and more costly cotton sashiko dogi. However, this dogi, just like our other Vixia dogi, is light and can be easily machine-washed!*  

Machine Wash Instructions: 

Each of these dogi will include a free machine wash net. Please turn the dogi inside out and place it within the net bag. Use a delicate cold cycle wash. This will ensure the dogi looks its best for a long time to come! 

Sizes based on height:

Size                  Height

2                       150 ~ 160cm

2.5                    155 ~ 165cm

3                       160 ~ 170cm

3.5                    165 ~ 175cm

4                       170 ~ 180cm

4.5                    175 ~ 185cm

5                       185 ~