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Vixia - Navy Polyester Kendo Gi

by Tozando

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The Vixia is designed specifically to give you the best performance and comfort throughout your training. Combining materials, technology and design to provide clothing that addresses the demands of kendo training. Available in Navy and Black.

*The following size is currently out of stock at the moment and will be in stock again around the beginning of the August Size : 4L

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nikolai Ortiz
Nice and light

I must say that it is pleasant to the touch despite not being cotton, it is quite light and fresh. I don't really like the seam that crosses the entire back from top to bottom. I bought a black one that will work very well for presentations

Wil D. - USA
Excellent Quality!

I originally left a review where this is listed as a set, as I bought it that way. I am copying it here as it mainly refers to the GI anyway. I have now been using this set for 8 months.

"I am very happy with this uniform and would buy it again without hesitation.
The GI looks very good and stands out as substantial and high quality feeling to the touch. It is not shiny or transparent and is very comfortable. It is soft and has a lot of stretch. It does not restrict movement in anyway. It does not chafe and looks very good during practice. So far, it has survived many washes without any fading, fraying or any signs of wear at all.
My only request would be to make a version in white, so I can buy another set.

Disclaimer: I do not wear it for Kendo, so I don't know how it would wear under Bogu."