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Twin Pocket Bogu Bag

by Tozando

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This straightforward bogu bag features a large main compartment for storing bogu as well as two large vertical pockets that can fit either a keiko gi or a set of hakama alongside other accessories.

As it is made of nylon, this bag is both durable and light - perfect for regular travel to and from training. It comes with a top handle as well as a shoulder strap so it is comfortable to carry and easy to move in and out of a vehicle. This bag is recommended for kendoka who like to have the option of separating their keiko gi and hakama from each other and their bogu. It is also spacious enough to carry additional accessories that the practitioner may need like first aid supplies, additional tenegui and so on.

The bag is available in three different colours: black, navy or green.

Approximate Dimensions: 64cm x 47cm x 30cm

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Comfortable to carry. Everything fit. Excellent customer service.

I normally carry a combination of Jukendo and Naginata bogu, and I am happy to say that everything fits in. The bag is also quite comfortable to carry. Tozando's customer service has also been extremely helpful whenever I ran into difficulties.