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Tozando Sashiko Bag

by Tozando

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$59.90 - $59.90
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Look good carrying the new Tozando Sashiko Bag.

Made of 100% unbleached cotton.

The bag is approximately 58 cm tall and 43cm wide, making it a perfect fit for dogi, hakama, and belt to the dojo.

It also includes a small pocket on top to your smaller personal belongings safe.

Made of traditional Sashiko fabric, it has the same strength and lightness of a good Dogi.

The base has been reinforced with synthetic leather so there is no need to worry about getting it dirty when you are out and about.

This bag, which is made in Japan, is now available with the All New 'Hokodome' kanji embroidered on the front looking sharp!

Customer Reviews

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Jernej �urca
It is very nice bag