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Tozando Full Custom Iaito - Suzaku

by Tozando

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Tozando's Flagship Iaito

Tozando's Custom Iaito are made exclusively for you at our special Iaito workshop in Gifu Prefecture, with the finest materials and some of the best craftsmanship available today. This gives our custom Iaito great durability and an air of authenticity. Perfectly weighted and perfectly balanced, Tozando Custom Iaito aspire to feel like shinken. Each one of our Iaito are constructed by master craftsmen with 10 years of swordmaking experience or longer. And while some may have decorative elements, none of our Iaito are ornamental. They are all tools for use in martial arts, and they are used throughout the world by deshi and sensei alike.

In ordering a Tozando Custom Iaito, so as to truly make it "Your Iaito", you are free to select the type and color of saya, and the type of tsuba you would like, the metal fittings, tsuka wrapping, materials and many other options. Please note that additional charges may apply to some selections. Despite the plethora of available options and characteristics, ordering the Tozando Custom Iaito is very easy. Create your perfect iaito and practice with a true piece of Japanese craftsmanship.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum-zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

The actual product may slightly vary due to product enhancement.

*Hantomaki saya color may vary depending the amount of lacquer applied. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Stephen Walsh
Completely Satisfied

Tozando once again put together a perfect custom sword to order specifications! Only negative was Import tax and customs delay.

Kureishi Shivanand
Exceeds Expectations

Meets every expectation I had based on previous reviews. Solid iaito and all customizations are present.

Debbie Benza

Tozando Full Custom Iaito - Suzaku

Mike Boonstra
Beautiful Sword!

Tozando Full Custom Iaito - Suzaku

Bought from Tozando because my Sensei says he won't accept lesser swords in his dojo. And I chose full custom because I wanted to choose a different Hamon (Kotetsu) and most other swords don't give you many (or any) options. Kotetsu is like two Hamons in one. You can't always see both lines however, as it depends on how the light hits it.

Attempted to get as few paid upgrades as possible as there are plenty of great options included. But I did pay extra for:
- Single Deep Groove bohi for the more pronounced swish sound. My Sensei told me it makes the sword too light, but it's too much fun not to get. If you are worried about the weight you could get the heavyweight sword with it instead.
- Shonai Silver-Plated Antique Finish Habaki and Silver Finish Seppa

- Got the red Tsukasame (ray skin). It's darker than I was expecting and darker than examples I've seen elsewhere. But it still looks nice
- To match the red & black theme I got the only red & black styled Fuchi & Kashira: Guribori - Blackened Brass (K-059-1BR3).
- Went with a bamboo theme for the Menuki (M-037-1AY2) and Tsubia (T-012-1SU9). Got Stainless Steel for the Tsubia as the sword is already aluminum, I never need to worry about rust. Although there are a lot of Iron options as well.
- Took a long time deciding on all the options. It's hard to know exactly how it will all look together.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it but it is pretty pricey. Duty in Canada was $55.

Paolo Custurone

Had this beautiful custom iaito made in the span of a couple of months. Results precisely in line with expectations. Service and updates on point. For a blade that will last a lifetime, couldn't have asked for more