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Tokuren Gold - Jissengata 6mm Cross-stitch Orizashi Bogu Set

by Tozando

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The following item is out of stock and the restock date is the end of April.

Kote size: XL

This Tokuren Gold Bogu Set is the evolution of our popular Tokuren Silver Bogu, made especially with shiai in mind. It's lightweight yet protective, featuring 6mm Tight cross-stitching. The cross-stitch and new padding inside the futon gives this machine-stitched bogu qualities similar to that of tezashi bogu sets, the futon's "3D" lattice of stitches allows the futon to comfortably stretch and mold to your body, making it more comfortable to wear, while still being very flexible and easy to shape.


The men utilizes a duralumin mengane to it as light as possible, allowing for maximum mobility. The top of the men is properly padded, despite being lightweight, so there is no need to worry about proper protection. The menbuton is made with a cross-stitch to provide a flexible and protective futon, combined with short mendare in the diagonal nanamezashi style that makes them more pliable and allows for a wider range of movements. The men also comes with the Tozando IBB Safety Guard attachment as standard for proper protection of your throat against tsuki.


The kote are light and made in orizashi cotton. We have stuffed these kote to allow for a much better fit, while still allowing for very dynamic movements, and puts less strain in your fingers, wrists and arms. Since the kote are made using orizashi cotton, it also dries rapidly and is very breathable. The tenouchi is made of micro-punched neo-leather to keep your kote ventilated and since the kote do not contain any deerskin parts, they are also washable.


Lastly the tare are made with cross-stitching to allow for an extra light, yet flexible and protective tare. In fact, this tare is about 20% lighter than our past tokuren series tare, yet it looks very elegant and is easily shaped to your body. We have also made the cross-stitch slightly tighter on the hara-obi, which makes it more comfortable and easier to move in. The Tare features orizashi reinforcement and does not have any herikawa, giving it a unique yet simplistic look similar to a fukuronui-style tare.

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Fabio Lima
South America

Very happy, received my bogu here in Brazil like a normal delivery. Only login in local post and paided the taxes