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Tennen Rishin Ryu Bokuto

by Tozando

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The Tennen Rishin Ryu Bokken is the heaviest and thickest among our stylized Bokken. It's grip is significantly thicker than a standard Bokken and if used for suburi, one can really work on developing a strong tenouchi, the proper grip required for martial arts. It's heavy weight also requires one to have strong posture and full body coordination.

What is Tennen Rishin-ryu?

Tennen Rishin Ryu was created by Kondo kuranosuke Nagahiro and it was made famous by the 4th head master Kondo Isami who headed the group called Shinsengumi.

The Shinsengumi was formed by the Tokugawa Shogunate to guard the city of Kyoto back in the quite chaotic late Edo period.

Members were selected based on their martial arts skill, with prowess in Kenjutsu being the most important factor. The fact that Kondo, along with the highly skilled Tennen Rishin-ryu swordsmen Hijikata Toshizo and Okita Soji as his right and left hand men, were able to head and control such a group is a testament to the effectiveness of the ryuha.

The style's technical repertoire includes kenjutsu, bojutsu, kogusoku (kodachi/short sword techniques), jiujutsu and iaijutsu. The style is currently practiced in Tokyo and the Ibaraki area by many dedicated students.


  • Made by the Aramaki Workshop of Miyakonojo, Kyushu - Japan
  • Material: Red Oak
  • Mine - Spine: Hiramine - Flat Spine
  • Kissaki: Bevelled
  • Approximate Weight: 1520g


  • Total Length: 101.5cm
  • Blade Length: 69cm
  • Tsuka Length: 32cm
  • Tsuka Diameter: 58mm x 50mm