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Takeda Shingen Akaito Odoshi Nimaido Gusoku Yoroi

by Tozando
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Please note that the wooden storage boxes may vary slightly from those in the image.

Fully white-haired Kabuto-bachi & O-Yoroi style Fukikaeshi

Takeda Shingen's Kabuto sideview

Kabuto helmet features an extra large retrospective O-Yoroi style.Fukikaeshi(lame). Shikoro (neck guard) is also a retrospective Yondan-gasa type(quadruple umbrellas). On the front crest, a talismanic ogre face against evil influence is nicely decorated and the Takeda family's crest(Takeda Bishi) are featured on Fukikaeshi.


O-zane Nimaido Yoroi

Takeda Shingen's Do view


Sode & Tekko

Takeda Shingen's Sode view

O-Yoroi-like Hon-kozane O-sode is featured on Sode spaulders part with 6-dan O-sode and Kanmuri-ita is nicely installed. Kote is Hisago(gourd-shaped) type in accordance with the original.

Kusazuri & Haidate

Takeda Shingen's Haidate view

O-zane Kusazuri is 5-dan 7-ken style. Haidate features the Hishi-ikada ornaments.


Takeda Shingen's Suneate view

Shino type Suneage