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The Nyumon Kendo Vixia Beginner's Set

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For Nyumon

Just starting out? This is the perfect set for you! When first beginning down the path that is kendo, the first steps will be made with a basic uniform and a shinai. This set brings this to you, as well as a simple 2 shinai bag, for an excellent price. This set would originally cost close to $200 but is available here for only $139! The Vixia is our most popular uniform set, bringing a very beginner-friendly, easy-to-care-for and fold hakama and dogi that is also wonderfully comfortable to wear while still looking the part! Get started down the path today with the perfect beginner set! 

Vixia Uniform Set

Made for keiko

Using durable, synthetic materials the Vixia Kendogi and Hakama are a perfect fit for very active and frequent keiko. Created for those looking for a kendogi that can handle the rigors of frequent and prolonged use.

Breathable and Classic Kendo design

The breathable fabric allows for longer, more vigorous keiko sessions, whilst still adhering to the classic and traditional kendogi design.



The Kihon shinai is made from durable and cost-effective keiichiku bamboo and made by our experienced craftsmen to be well-balanced and suitable for any kind of keiko. Produced in our ISO-9001 certified workshop and meeting the standards required for both the SG and SSP regulations in Japan.

This shinai is perfect for any level of kendoka and comes fully furnished with leather fittings, tsuba and tsubadome included.


Shobu Shinai Bag

This simple, traditional-style shinai bag is made of cotton with a reinforced base made of synthetic leather. It comes in two sizes, one for a single shinai and another accommodating two. The top of the bag folds over the shinai to make a secondary pocket where you can store the tsuba and tsubadome.

Shobo Iris Pattern

The bag itself is decorated with the distinctive shobu - iris - pattern up and down its length. The iris has been associated with strength and vitality since the Sengoku Jidai or "Warring States period" and has been enduringly popular amongst bushi and budoka ever since.

Customer Reviews

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Felipe Orellana
Good Set

It is a good set to start with. It is recommended to check your sizes with tozando. Maybe the only bad aspect is that at the time of my purchase the 1 shinai bag was the only one available, so if you will be transporting more than 1 shinai or bokuto you will need another bag.