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Panther - 6mm Fit-stitch Black Tetknit Kendo Men

by Tozando

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This is a limited edition Kendo Men made from a unique black tetknit mesh that is a striking alternative to the conventional indigo blue cotton of most bogu.

Tetknit Mesh has proven itself a fantastic material for bogu futon thanks to its durability, breathability and protective cushioning.  It is lighter than cotton thanks to its expanded structure - this allows air to move through easily, and provides a spongey surface that compresses and absorbs strikes effectively.  An added bonus is that it dries incredibly quickly, making this the perfect futon material for kendoka who practice regularly or train in hot and humid climates.

This material has been "fit-stitched" in 6mm intervals with plenty of core padding to create a flexible and protective cushion, which is then assembled by hand into the traditional men.

The Panther then sets itself apart with its black futon combined with a beautiful full black urushi lacquer for the menbuchi.  The reverse side of the mengane is also sprayed black to complete the look. 

 *As this is a limited edition item that will not be re-produced, once the sizes run out they are gone.  This also makes it an outlet item that is not eligible for returns so please double-check your size before making a purchase!