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Panther - 6mm Fit-stitch Black Tetknit Kendo Do

by Tozando
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The Panther Do is known for its striking and sitinguishedappearance, completely black from dodai to mune. 

Its tetknit mesh material makes for a unique mune texture that elegantly frames the Hongumo S-Ji kazari ito (decorative braids).

The dodai has a classic gloss black finish known as kuroro and is made from a single-piece of reinforced resin.  It is protective, sturdy and lightweight, emphasising the practical nature of this do.

Sizing Yourself for a Do

Much like a tare you you can estimate your do size by using your height and waist sizes, but we also recommend paying attention to the width of the dodai to make sure your waist can fit inbetween with a 1cm to 2cm clearance.

The height of the do should cover enough of your body to protect your chest from your belt-line, we recommend no greater than 1cm clearance from the top of the mune (in the middle) to the bottom of the tsuki-dare on your men.


 *As this is a limited edition item that will not be re-produced, once the sizes run out they are gone.  This also makes it an outlet item that is not eligible for returns so please double-check your size before making a purchase!