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The Nyumon Aikido Beginner's Set

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For Nyumon 

Just starting out? This is the perfect set for you! When first beginning down the path that is Aikido, the first steps will be made with these basic items. Includes an easy-to-care-for dogi, pants, and obi that is also wonderfully comfortable to wear while still looking the part! All the wooden weapons you will need, including the jo, aikido bokuto, and tanto! To make sure these can be transported safely, we have also added a simple weapons bag. Get started down the path today with the perfect beginner set! 


Hokkaido oak, which grows strongly and withstands the wind and snow of the cold northern lands, can reach heights of up to 35 meters and some trees are more than 1,000 years old. The oak and its characteristics have been thoroughly examined, and the wooden swords are carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen in the company's own specialist woodworking workshop.

This set includes

  • Aikido jacket
  • Aikido pants
  • Aikido obi
  • Bokuto Daito
  • Bokuto Tanto
  • 8 bu Jo
  • Wooden weapon bag