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Nishijin Collection - Yayumi Gassen Iaito

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Nishijin Collection Iaito

This wonderful iaito, with battlefield and arrow motifs, wrapped in a delicate lavender silk, would come straight from an area of Kyoto renowned for its prowess in the production of traditional Japanese textiles. Nishijin is also well known for being a historical army camp from before the Edo Period (this being what Nishijin actually means). 

The blade is made of GT Metal - denser and stronger than regular iaito, perfect for capturing the feel of a shinken.  This foundation is then worked by hand into a beautiful finish and completed with a practical kuroishime saya. 

This is an in-stock iaito and will ship in approximately 1 to 3 working days after you make your order.


  • Blade Length: 2.45 Shaku (Approx. 74.5cm)
  • Hamon: Miyako
  • Tsuka Length: 8.5 sun 
  • Habaki: Brass
  • Tsuba: Gassen (Battlefield)
  • Fuchi and Kashira: Ya (Arrowheads)
  • Menuki: War fans 
  • Same: White ray skin 
  • Tsuka Ito: Silk lavender 
  • Tsuka Maki: Hineri Maki
  • Saya Lacquer: Kuroishime
  • Sageo: Silk Lavender