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New Deluxe Polyester Iaido Hakama

by Tozando

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Made in Japan

The Deluxe Polyester Hakama are designed to give to be easy to wear, well-fitting, and impeccable to look at.

They use a densely woven 100% polyester fabric that sports a beautiful luster and carries a satisfying weight when worn. Interwoven with this fabric is anti-static yarn, neutralizing any static build up making them extremely comfortable to wear and move in. This fabric is recommended for practitioners who like a bit of weight in their gunfire and enjoy a silky smooth texture.

Because this material can be challenging to tie as it is so smooth, the obi features an extra line of stitching to give it some stiffness and make it easy to tie and achieve a neat and refined chakuso. combined with our inner-pleats stitching the hakama fall beautifully and maintain their form throughout training.

An excellent choice for iaidoka looking for a professional and noble appearance and long-term durability.

Production time will take 4 to 6 weeks.

Color: Black