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Momo-nari Dai-wakitate Kabuto Nimaido Gusoku Yoroi Armor

by Tozando
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Please note that the wooden storage boxes may vary slightly from those in the image.

Extraordinary huge Wakitate

Kurada Nagamasa, a son of the legendary Kuroda Josui, was Samurai warrior of great renown in Sengoku period and this armor set is a reproduction of Yoroi armor he wore.

Side decoration(Wakitate) view of Momonari Daisuigyu Wakitate Kabuto Nimaido Gusoku

The two huge Wakitate, made of wood, is characterizing Kuroda Nagamasa's boldness and self-confidence with the great presence.

Kuroda Kamon

The Kuroda family's crest

The Kuroda family crest, Fuji-domoe is neatly featured on Fukikaeshi and Sune-ate.

Momo Zunari style helmet

Unique Momo Zunari style helmet

The helmet is Momo-nari Kabuto style which was very popular in between the late Muromachi and the early Edo period among all classes of Samurai possibly because it was believed that the helmet's sharp-angled ridge and the smoother surface could protect the wearer from getting the direct hitting of blade, arrow and spear. Even the great military tactician in Sengoku period, Yamamoto Kansuke once said that this Momo-nari style helmet was the best as far as the head protection was concerned.

Byo-uchi Yokohagi Okegawa style Nimaido

Byo-uchi Yokohagi Okegawa style Nimaido

This traditional Yokohagi Okegawa Nimaido(a horizontal barrel type which consists of two plates) is Byo-uchi(rivet-jointed) and fine brass ornamental decoration is featured on the chest and the back.

Haidate & Suneate

Haidate & Suneate image

This pair of Suneate applies the Nanban style greaves that are rivet-jointed. The famous Fuji-domoe family crests are featured.

This suit of Yoroi can be worn and is usually made for someone who is approx. 175cm tall. Please enquire about specific sizings if needed. Whilst able to be worn this set is not designed for training in a koryu martial art.

Momonari Daisuigyu Wakitate Kabuto Nimaido Gusoku