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Miyamoto Musashi's Kaneshige Koshirae

by Tozando
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Miyamoto Musashi is probably the one of the best known Japanese Ronin not only as the undefeated swordsman but also as the author of 'The Book of Five Rings'. He also found his own school named Niten Ichi Ryu and is today considered the master swordsman called Kensei and his life is often adopted for a novel, a theater play, a film, and a comic book. This special edition of Miyamoto Musashi's Kaneshige Koshirae features the black leather Gangimaki style wrapping known as Musashimaki wrapping and Namako Tsuba designed by Miyamoto Musashi himself. The unique Shu Urumi lacquered Saya adds more luxurious and dignified appearance. Features A sand-casted, reinforced zinc/aluminum alloy blade with reproduction of Fujiwara Kaneshige's Hamon Approximately 820 gram without the Saya(for 2.45 Shaku) Black leather Tsuka Gangimaki(Musashimaki) wrapping over blackened stingray skin Gold-plated brass Menuki with bee theme Black Hanaguri-shaped Higo Tsukagashira Black Higo style Fuchigane Blackened iron Tsuba with Namako theme designed by Miyamoto Musashi(Musashi Tsuba) Shu Urumi gloss finish Saya Black silk Hanaori style Sageo Handmade in Japan.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.