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Mitsuboshi TEN Athlete 6mm Bogu Set

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TEN ATHLETE 6mm Bogu Set

Created with athletes who compete and strive in frequent keiko in mind, the Ten Athlete is made with a simple design using highly resilient, high quality materials. As the name suggests, this bogu is perfect for frequent keiko or competition.  With the use of genuine indigo dyed deer leather for the trim, this bogu is both beautiful in appearance, but also extremely durable for years of extended use. The high vision mengane also allows for better visibility, giving a wider range of view. 

 *This is an order-made item and will require 3+ months for production on average.*


・High-vision Duralumin Mengane

・Indigo Dyed Deer Leather Herikawa

・Cotton Uchiwa Lining

・Gunome-zashi Mendare

・Jissengata Kote with Micropunch Tenouchi

・50 Slat Resin Do with Embossed Machine-pressed Kurozan Mune

・5 Dan Kazari-ito Tare with tapered tare-himo

・Complete Order-made Bogu Set