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Matsu - Premium Aizome #11000 Aikido-Hakama

by Tozando

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$244.50 - $286.24
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Our Matsu Aikido Hakama are no ordinary pair available from other manufacturers. They are made with only the best cotton thread available, woven using methods that have been passed down through Japan's long history of craftsmanship.

The fabric is not dyed after the hakama have been, as is common with more modern hakama, rather it is crafted via the traditional multi-step process that has made Japan's indigo dye famous throughout the world. First the cotton yarn itself is soaked in a container filled with the aizome indigo dye liquid until fully saturated. Then the yarn is wrung and set to dry under the sun. This process of dyeing and oxidizing is repeated over and over again until the yarn takes on the proper shade of color as determined by the master craftsman, Keishi Takemura, a nationally recognized Master of Cultural Arts.

Traditionally dyed Hakama has the added benefit of wearing and fading uniquely in response to your keiko. The more you wear it - the more unique they will become - the more they will be come a part of you and your shugyo. This Hakama also comes with a tough and flexible special rubber koshi-ita insert, perfect for ukemi. The kakama also have seven lines of stitching across the obi for durability and feature pleats that have been specifically ironed then stitched to maintain their shape despite your dynamic moves and eventually create the outstanding overall appearance on your Aikido performances through the years.

Please bear in ind that these hakama are dyed with natural aizome indigo dye that is famous for bleeding and staining both the user and items that come into contact with them: other clothes (especially white dogi!) and mats being common examples in Aikido. These can be removed by washing with warm water, but pelase bear in mind that the stains can be difficult to remove from white dogi. These hakama can only be washed by hand.


Obi Length Specifications:

Size 22 to 24:

Front obi: 415 cm

Back obi: 207.5 cm

Size 24.5 to 27.5:

Front obi: 420 cm

Back obi: 210 cm

Size 28 to 30:

Front obi: 425 cm

Back obi: 212.5 cm

Customer Reviews

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Jason Freese
I wish 6 stars was an option

This is far and away the nicest hakama I have ever seen. It arrived swiftly and well packaged. The drape, weight, and cut could not be any more perfect. And the color is beyond belief; a rich, deep indigo blue that makes me beyond happy to put on for training. My expectation for Tozando products is generally for them to be absolutely top quality, but this product blew even those high expectations out of the water. I could not possibly be happier with this masterpiece. I look forward to many years with it.