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Korin - Tezashi Konkawa Bogu Set

Original price $13,761.47 - Original price $14,678.90
Original price
$13,761.47 - $14,678.90
Current price $13,761.47

The pinnacle of Tozando's hand-stitched bogu. The Korin is the culmination of our design philosophy of providing joy to our customers, satisfaction to our craftsmen and service to the budo community.

 The futon, mune, dodai and leather parts are all made painstakingly by hand. In-fact only the mengane and fine stitching threads are made by machine. This means at every stage this bogu has been painstakingly focused upon, resulting in an unparalleled quality that is immediately apparent as soon as you touch it.

The dodai is a masterpiece of urushi lacquer and leather working. The bamboo dodai is crafted here in Kyoto by the renowned Shoryudo Urushi workshop, their rich tones and perfect finishes are the finest available in bamboo dodai. This is combined with a luxurious hand-pressed kurozan leather mune, these are exceedingly rare and beautiful pieces of art.

We stand by the Korin as the finest bogu available, responding to each individual customer's needs and modifying the design to suit each individual's taste. If you want a bogu that is the pinnacle in every respect then look no further.