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Kendo Kata Iaito

by Tozando
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An elegant, simple and sturdy daisho set of tachi and kodachi designed specifically for Kendo Kata practice. The blades are made from a specially reinforced alloy that allow them to resist the various strikes and contact sustained in kendo kata practice. Now you can bring even more authenticity to your kata practice.

Though simple, the fittings for the tsuba and tsuka are genuine parts used in traditional sword-making. They are built and assembled by hand in our iaito workshop here in Japan. We chose a simple theme with a choice of tsuba, tsuka-maki and sageo color to suit your preferences. You can also choose the style of saya you prefer.

This is a set of two swords; tachi and kodachi - used by the Shidachi when performing the Nihon Kendo no Kata. You canpurchas ethem both as a set or just the tachi or kodachi if you prefer.