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Kata Naginata

by Tozando

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These are standard form wooden naginata made to be used in Kata. They conform to all the established regulations from the All Japan Naginata Federation and include a leather tsuba which as been attached.

We work closely with the Aramaki Workshop of ,Miyakonojo Kyushu - Japan, who specialize in the craft of making traditional Japanese weapons from wood. All of their creations use locally sourced materials and they work closely with the curators of the various ryu-ha of Japan's martial arts both modern and traditional (koryu bujutsu). As such, these are some of the finest and most authentic examples of traditional Japanese weaponry available. These kata naginata are specifically for use in kata-geiko and naginata engi competitions.



Length:7 Shaku(Approx. 213cm)
Blade Length:Approx. 50cm
Handle Length:Approx. 163cm


This white Oak Naginata is completely untreated. For a 'how to' guide on waxing wooden weapons, please check out our walk-through video, "How to wax bokken."


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Eric Hendrickson
Top Craftsmanship

I received my wooden naginata and it easily exceeded all expectations. The craftsmanship is superb. Order one, you will not regret it!