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Kanmuri Winning Compact Bogu Bag

by Kanmuri
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$179.50 - $179.50
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A perennial favourite of tournament goers and frequent seminar attendees, the Kanmuri Compact Bogu Bag features all of the hallmakrs of their classic carrier bag design, but reduced in size for a slimmer and more manageable profile.

It retains the comfortable ergonomic cushions that make it very easy to carry and has separate pockets on the inside for your bogu and uniform letting you keep them separate, perfect if you have a white uniform. The whole bags opens wide leeting you take the contents in and out easily without any issue.

This is a popular choice amongst kendoka who go to a lot of keiko thanks to its ventilation holes that allow the bogu to dry and breath in transit. The bottom of the bag is reinforced with nodes to prevent wear and tear keep it clean when placed on the ground. It also comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. Choose from two color profiles: all black or black with gold trim.

Approximate Dimensions: 47cm by 44cm by 33cm

Color: Black