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In-Stock Toryumon 2.4 Iaito

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We are proud to present our Genbu series practical iaito: the Toryumon. An simple and elegant iaito that is designed with quality of construction and practical use first and foremost in mind.

The phrase "toryumon" describes a climbing dragon, reaching up to a gate - it refers to the path we must all take to improve ourselves and rise to the next challenge. It is with this attitude in mind, that we hope iaidoka of all levels will use the toryumon to achieve their goals in their keiko.

Comes as standard with black cotton tsuka ito and sageo, copper dragon-themed menuki, fuchi and kashira. The suguha hamon creates a refined straight line down the length of the blade. The blade is made from a zinc/aluminium alloy that is sand-cast and bubble free. Each Toryumon is made by our workshop in Gifu Prefecture by hand.

Blade Length: 2.4 Shaku

Tsuka Length: 8.5 Sun (Approx. 26cm)

Tsuba: Shichiho Namako 

Saya: Kuroro

This is an In-Stock item and will ship within 2-3 business days. As the are clearance items, they are not eligible to return or exchange.