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Iaido Mune Zekken

by Tozando

Original price $19.10 - Original price $19.10
Original price
$19.10 - $19.10
Current price $19.10

*Due to heavy demands, it may takes up to 3 week to produce Zekken at the moment.

**We have recently began using an improved material for our HeatPress Zekken (White text only) .
This material has a more reflective surface with improved durability and appearance.
Please be aware that the zekken you receive may differ from items that have been received in the past.

Iaido zekken are commonly affixed to the chest of your iaido gi. Our zekken conform to the size requirements set by the All Japan Kendo Federation; 10cm by 15cm.

They are also available in a variety of styles and fabric colors. Embroidered and Heat Pressed zekken are available for both black and white fabrics, whilst luxurious synthetic clarino leather is available for black fabric only.