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Housen Leather Iaito Carry Case

by Housen
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Quality Leather Iaito Case

Housen is very well known for its high-quality Kendo / Iaido accessories like Shinai bags, Bogu bags, Iaito bags, and so on. 

Everything is handmade and the artisans are dedicated to making each item with the utmost care. 

These Leather Iaito carry cases are made using Carina Leather. There are come in two design styles, Maesawa and Shirai, and are available in Black, Navy, and Green colors.

To maximize each item's appearance the artisans do recommend a few things to check before placing an order. 

About the Product

All the materials are handmade.  Things like flaws in the weaving, abrasions, or discolorations are considered as being part of the beauty of a handmade item. The artisans will both check the durability and aesthetics before selecting the piece that they will make the shinai bag from. 

*The colors in the images may slightly differ from the actual color. 

About Embroidery

All items require name embroidery. The names received in English letters will be translated by our staff into Katakana (Japanese alphabet for foreign names). If you already have your name in Japanese please feel free to write it directly on the text box at the embroidery options above or provide us with an image. Changes after the order is processed are not available. Please double-check prior to order. 

There are only two fonts to choose from.  Kanteiryu and Regyo Shotai.  

About Production Time

For Iaito Leather carry cases takes approx. 2 months for the production to be completed.  From July to September, because of many events taking place in Japan, it may take additional time.