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Genbu - Toryumon V2 Koshirae Iaito

by Tozando

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Upgraded with beautiful copper fittings, the V2 is an alternative design to the classic Toryumon Koshirae, making the most of our workshops wide-range of high-quality fittings.

The phrase "toryumon" describes a climbing dragon, reaching up to a gate - it refers to the path we must all take to improve ourselves and rise to the next challenge. It is with this attitude in mind, that we hope iaidoka of all levels will use the toryumon to achieve their goals in their keiko.

Comes as standard with black cotton tsuka ito and sageo, copper bamboo themed menuki, fuchi and kashira. You can choose the tsuba that compliments your tastes. The suguha hamon creates a refined straight line down the length of the blade. The blade is made from a zinc/aluminium alloy that is sand-cast and bubble free. Each Toryumon is made by our workshop in Gifu Prefecture by hand.

*Iaito are made with an aluminum zinc alloy blade and cannot be sharpened.

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Cason

Genbu - Toryumon V2 Koshirae Iaito

Michael Berger
A brilliant Iaito, the Genbu-Toryumon V2 Koshirae

This is my first Iaito and my first order from Tozando International. It will definitely not be my last order or purchase when I am in Kyoto next year.
The Tozando Team guided me perfectly on my way to ordering a complete set of equipment for Iaido, answering and resolving all questions and doubts quickly and clearly.
The entire order was ready for dispatch on time for the specified completion date and was delivered to the Canary Islands very quickly.
The Iaito was perfectly and professionally packed. It arrived well wrapped in bubble film in two solid cardboard boxes placed one inside the other.
The Iaito itself was in an elegant purple silk bag.
The workmanship of the Iaito is precise and perfectly crafted in every detail, as the enclosed photos show.
The cotton winding of the tsuka is absolutely firm and immovable. The kashira also sits firmly on the tsuka. The Ryu Sukashi Tsuba I chose looks simply marvellous and is of very good quality. I chose the Ha with a single deep bohi and I think this decision is brilliant, as the sound when cutting is simply marvellous. The Iaito sits firmly in its saya and does not move when shaken. The Iaito is perfectly balanced in the hand and is looking forward to showing its qualities in the dojo.
I will certainly have a lot of fun and success with this Iaito. I am very happy!
Many thanks to the Tozando International Team!

Excellent quality

Very beautiful item, arrived quickly and in good condition.

Muneef Durbar
Piece of art!

My first Iaito! It took about 2 months to make and ship, and received it in New Zealand within a week from being shipped from Japan. Totally worth the wait! Absolutely love the detailing and quality! Can’t wait to try it out at the dojo!

Initially, I added an additional sageo, thinking it didn’t come with any, along with a deluxe iaito bag, later realised it was an add-on option. The customer service team was very kind to update my order quickly and refund the cost of additional sageo, and replace the deluxe iaito bag with a leather bag as per my request. It comes with a standard black sageo and the purple silk bag as shown in the picture. Excellent service and experience!

Mitchell Clark
Amazing piece.

Amazing piece. I have been borrowing some of the swords in the Dojo that are 1k+ and this sword feels just as good as those or even better. I was so impressed with the quality of this product. I will 100% be buying more from this company!!